It’s been one month

Monday September 9th marked the one month anniversary of when Clint had surgery to remove the cancerous mass in his testicle. I really can’t believe it’s been four weeks. I feel like it’s been so much longer. We’ve had so much going on in these four weeks and there’s still more ahead of us.

I am also less than a few weeks away from running the Berlin Marathon. I can’t believe this is coming up so fast! It’s been almost a year in the making and it’s right around the corner. But it’s also bittersweet. I am mentally (and physically) trying to get ready for being away from Clint during this time I am in Germany, but also mentally trying to be ready for this race. I honestly have no idea how I will do. I’m not saying my training runs lately have been bad or anything, just my focus is on lots of other things, so I am going to have to get back on the race mindset soon.

I ran my last 20 mile training run a couple days ago and felt pretty good. I can’t complain too much about an 8:20 average pace, so I’m happy that my training seems to still be going fairly well.

When I run, there are days I think about everything under the sun (I’m sure this happens to all runners) and other days when I think about how I want to run this upcoming race wearing my American Cancer Society singlet and can’t wait to run this for Clint. I know he’ll be on my mind while I run this next 26.2. This singlet has even more meaning than it did before. I never thought when I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2012 as a charity runner for ACS (helping the lovely Miss Jenny Cox raise money for this great organization) would I be faced with cancer in my own immediate family so soon. I have had family members with leukemia and breast cancer, but when it’s your significant other it’s even harder to process. He is my best friend, my partner, my love and I would do anything for him. But I know everything will be ok and after we throw some punches to knock this cancer down, we will come back stronger than ever. So I will be going against my normal attire for this race, which is wearing my last race’s participant shirt, and will be proudly wearing this blue tank.IMG_5752

I also think I am ready to watch Spirit of the Marathon soon to get some great motivation. I’m thinking the night before I leave I will want to get lost in the film and think about my race.

As you can see I’m already planning details. Yes, I’m a planner. I’m already starting to pack and have been making my lists of things I need to bring to Germany (well, I’ve been doing this for months) and lists of who needs to be here to help Clint while I’m gone.

Lots more to do and lots more to come!

We’ve got Spirit, yes we do

We’ve got Spirit, how ’bout you? The Spirit of the Marathon II movie premiered on Wednesday at our local theater. A group of eight of us got together to see the film. The film was very touching and reminds me of all the reasons why I run and why the running community is so bonded. Set in Rome, and around several different runners of all abilities and ages, it really shows the beauty of what runners go through to get to their goals and dreams and in completing this 26.2 mile journey. It’s very inspiring.

Which leads me to my next story…

Three days ago I found out about a relay from California to Boston, 3,000 miles, to raise money for The run actually started last Friday June 7th and is set to end on June 30th. I’m not sure why, but when I read about this event, I got a little antsy and wondered how I could be a part of this. It was too late to run the California legs. I spread the word to my virtual running group on Facebook, told my boyfriend, and pondered over the idea of going out to Boston. And I kept thinking about it. I realized that if I could make this happen, I didn’t have to run just one leg, I could run the last four legs to complete 26.2 miles and run a marathon in honor of those who couldn’t finish the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013 and for those who may never be able to again.

photo(22)I wondered if I could get miles or vouchers donated to help fund my trip and I spread the word out to some folks to see if they could help. Nothing panned out. But, when I arrived at the theater to see the movie on Wednesday night, Brian gave me a pin he got at the Big Sur Marathon in April and almost instantly I knew I had to make this happen. So many things were pointing in the direction of “JUST GO”.

Yesterday morning I booked my flight. $526 later and an email from one of the organizers who secured my spots and it was all done. I’m going to Boston! It’s going to be a whirlwind of a trip, but I think it will be so worth it.

During the SOTM film, there was a piece that resonated with me. A Ukraine professional runner, who is trying to qualify for the Olympics, mentions how WE create our own personal history. And he is right. I don’t know why I am here and what I am on this planet for, but I enjoy running and I want to help inspire and help others if I can.

Boston 2

At the start of the Boston Marathon, 2011

In two weeks, I will see you again Hopkinton!

If you are interested in supporting my journey to Boston, I set up a fundraising page to make it easy for folks. I’m hoping I can get my flight paid for. My entry fees are going to the One Fund Boston charity, but my flight and accommodations are out of my pocket. If you or anyone you know is able to support and help donate, that would be truly amazing. Anything helps! Thank you!

They’re here!

I got a special surprise in the mail today. My two tickets to see Spirit of the Marathon II arrived today! After hours of calling stores, waiting for posters to arrive, and then driving out to deliver posters, my reward is here! I am so excited to see the movie and hope there’s a good group of us that gets together (so far there’s four of us) to share in the inspiration that will come from this amazing film.

Signed by the producer herself

Signed by the producer herself

I was able to get 17 posters into local sports stores to help promote this movie. So I will also receive some other goodies coming in the mail at a later time (a t-shirt and autographed DVD).

June 12th is the showing at 7pm at many theaters nationwide. So go to to check out the theaters closest to you.

Even if you are not a runner, you will find this film very special. If you haven’t watched the first Spirit of the Marathon movie, you should watch it. Sometimes, I like to watch it before my races to get me motivated and excited for my next journey and adventure.

Happy Friday!


This week has been interesting.

Boston Strong

Wednesday was May 15th and one month since the Boston Marathon and bombings. It’s strange how time flies. It was also announced on Thursday May 16th that the B.A.A. will allow all participants of the 2013 Boston Marathon that did not get to finish a spot in the 2014 race. This is really good news for all those folks and I am glad the B.A.A. chose to do this.

Here’s a video of the announcement:

A lot of people are still waiting to hear if the B.A.A. will open the race to more participants in 2014; opening the field to all runners and not just qualifiers. We will find out more in the months to come.

Stomach Pains

My running and workouts have been going well, until Thursday. I woke up Thursday morning sweating and with a fever. Then to chills, then to sweats, then to chills…and slept a lot of the day. This carried on into Friday, but then I had pains in my stomach. I, of course, woke up on Friday morning and thought, “Maybe I can go for a run.” And my boyfriend told me not to do it. Grrr. But I forced myself to get work done since my Thursday was wasted doing nothing. Which leads me to my next “tidbit”. (As I type this, I still don’t feel good and it’s now three days of no exercise…I’m going crazy.)


Remember, I told you that I was going to help promote the Spirit of the Marathon II movie to get free tickets? So I received the posters last weekend and had been waiting for the postcards to arrive as well to hit up the stores to drop off all the items at once. Well, the postcards never arrived for whatever reason. On Friday, I got myself together (stomach pains and all) and made my rounds, with my dogs as my passengers, and dropped off posters to several local sporting goods and running stores. I had to also take pictures as proof of where I posted them and had to email them back to the producers. I got 10 stores done yesterday. Not bad! I am on my way to getting at least two free tickets to see the movie and a t-shirt. I have still have 9-10 left to post and that will get me an autographed DVD of the movie. I really only did this to help promote the movie and to get free tickets to see it, but the other goodies are cool bonuses.

photo(27)For those of you that live locally in Sacramento, this movie is only showing at three eight theaters on June 12 at 7pm. It’s just one night, one showing. Go to to find the theater closest to you and to buy tickets.

Zombies, Oh My!

Oh, and one last thing. Some of you may already know this, but last year I organized a Zombie 5k Run in Sacramento. It turned out to be somewhat of a success. So, we are doing it again this year. We had to make some changes because my partner and I split up, but all looks good so far. I have a pretty good team working with me and we have been able to get a lot done in a short amount of time. Our Facebook page is up as of yesterday and our website will be live in a couple weeks. It’s called Capitol Apocalypse 5k Zombie Run and here’s our Facebook page for now with some details: “Like” our page to get updates and more information about the event on Saturday October 26, 2013.


Have a good weekend!

A few fun tidbits

A few fun things have happened recently…

First, last week I entered the lottery for the 2013 New York City Marathon. The race is in November. I wasn’t going to enter this year because I already have two marathons planned this Fall, but I said what the heck! If I happen to get in, I’ll be doing three marathons back-to-back, but it’s hard to get into NY so I’m okay with that and I will run it for fun, not for time. This will be my second time attempting to get into this race. I will find out on May 29th if I got in. Wish me luck!

SotMIISecond, with the Spirit of the Marathon II movie coming to theaters in June, the producers posted on their Facebook page that they were looking for some help with promoting it in the different cities it’s showing. The perk to helping out is two complimentary passes to see the movie on June 12! So, I totally got on this and emailed with my information. They responded a couple days later with more specifics and what they needed in this grassroots effort. Not only that, they gave information on a tiered incentive based on how many locations or leads you can give them which included movie tickets, t-shirts, autographed DVD of the movie, and a free entry into a Rock ‘n Roll race. Pretty sweet! I hope I get some fabulous prizes!

Here’s the trailer to the movie:

Third, I entered the lottery for the 2014 London Marathon last night (on London time, of course). Yes, they open it almost a year out and you don’t find out if you actually get in until October. I entered the lottery last year and basically put it out of my mind for almost six months. This is a sought after marathon like NY and I found out this morning the lottery closed in about 8 hours. So, cross your fingers on this one too. It’s unlikely I will get in, but I guess you never know.

Forth (you like how I’ve numbered my paragraphs?), I have bought a few t-shirts in the last week in support of the Boston Marathon bombings, with most, if not all, proceeds going to I picked up these cool “Unstoppable” shirts from the local Fleet Feet down the street in Midtown (pic on the left). I wore the navy tech shirt out for a run on Saturday morning. I love it! The other shirt (on the far right) is in the mail and should be here any day. It says “Boston We Are Strong” and I found it on The picture in the middle is the amazing cover of the May issue of Boston Magazine. It’s pretty cool! #runforboston #bostonstrong

Here’s the story of the making of this cover:


And lastly, I moved into a new house this weekend. I’m excited because it’s a house (a rental) with a great big yard for my dogs. They love it! And I won’t have to share walls with my neighbors. This will be an amazing thing for me…to not have to hear my neighbors play video games, listen to loud music, and other unmentionables. It will also be a new neighborhood to find new running routes and walking routes with my dogs. Home Sweet Home!photo

Congratulations to my friends and virtual running buddies who ran races this weekend!! That’s you – Brian, Jenny, Casey and Taylor!