What do you think?

So I’ve been writing this blog for almost a year now. I write my blog posts with excitement and from the heart. I don’t write them expecting comments or to inspire people. I don’t write them to brag or boast. They are more explanational (is this a word?) than anything. And I have found them to be a great journal of my adventures. But somehow they do inspire. And they do motivate people. And people enjoy them, I think.

But after all this time, I wonder if I should be doing something different. I notice other “running blogs” talk about what their daily routines are or what their daily exercises are or what apparel or shoes they buy or wear. I just blog about my races or what is on my mind in between, but I try to stay true to what my blog is – running to see the world.

So, I ask you, my readers, what do you like about my posts? What don’t you like? What can I improve? What do you want to read more about? Any suggestions?

That’s my post for today!


Golden Gate 1/2 Marathon Trail Run

This is what I have to say -

Rain, mist, fog, wind (“blow me over” wind!), mud, puddles, wooden stairs, rocky stairs, bridges, hills, lots more hills, inclines (lots!), narrow paths, cliffs, horses, eucalyptus, banana slugs, goldfish crackers, coke (let’s clarify: coca cola), more mud, and the beautiful ocean!

Super fun and I’d do it again!

photo 2 (2)

Me and Stephanie at the Finish

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