National Running Day and a few tidbits

Today is National Running Day! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I won a CIM race entry. I mean, really…this year has flown!

Tonight, I joined the SRA (Sacramento Running Association) for their five mile run along the American River to celebrate this special day. It was a warm HOT evening of 95 degrees when we started. Yup, not my favorite time of day or temperature to run in, but I did it anyway. I needed to get out of my house and get some miles in and it felt good to get a run in, even though I got a little side cramp about halfway through from some lentil soup I ate for lunch. Ugh. But I pushed through it.

After, I grabbed a water, cooled down a bit and snagged a free tech shirt. They had all the leftover shirts from past events out and we were able to grab one. And that’s how I celebrated National Running Day! What did you do today? I hope you had a great run!

I won!

If you didn’t know, I entered a photo contest in May as part of Marathon Tours and Travels bi-monthly photo contest. I am trying to find other ways to get into some of the World Marathon Major races that are difficult to get into and this company provides guaranteed entries into races all over the world if you book your accommodations with them. The photo contest would gave me an opportunity to win travel vouchers to use towards any race, so I said “what the heck!”

After asking harassing all my friends and family to vote for my three pictures over a two week period, I won the “Scenics” category and this picture will also be entered into their end-of-the year contest as well! I won a $100 voucher and I am also eligible to enter the next contest in hopes of winning another $100. I’m super stoked that I am on my way to getting into another amazing marathon and adventure and hopefully it could be London, Tokyo or New York!

The winning picture

The winning picture – taken in Berlin, Germany

I’ve become a running geek

Yeah, yeah. I’m already a running geek, I guess. But I really felt like one when my package from PRO Compression arrived last week with the “grab bag” of three pair of compression socks that I was lucky enough to snag before they sold out in less than two hours. This was a super score! Normally these compression socks are up to $50 a pair, so to get three pair for $30 was just ridiculous. Since it was a “grab bag” I couldn’t choose colors or patterns. It was a mystery and I hoped I didn’t get pink ones (I’m not a girly girl). But I was happy with the ones I got. Even though I am just getting used to my PRO Compression calf sleeves, I can’t wait to try these lovelies out!

The goods

The goods

“Going the distance”

Last week we received our monthly The Costco Connection magazine in the mail and it caught my eye because it had ultradistance runner Scott Jurek on the cover. I was really surprised to see this and I almost immediately started reading the article. It’s only a few pages but it was a great little piece about his career, eating well and motivation. He’s been a vegan since 1999 and is quite an accomplished runner. I found this article to be inspirational and was an exciting part of my day. Check it out!

One last thing

Runner’s World had posted a teaser video last week for a longer film that was going to launch today. The original “teaser” was only a couple minutes but it really touched my soul. That’s what it was supposed to do. So today I watched the 21 minute video, “Finding Strong”, and I want to share it with you. I think it will touch your soul as well.


Bart who?

bart yasso 2009

Brian, Bart, and Me – 2009 CIM Expo

To most people, the name Bart Yasso may sound like a cartoon character. Or to my boyfriend, it’s Bart Lasso. But to the running community, this guy is well-known, and even called the “Mayor of Running.”

Bart Yasso is a prominent figure in the sport of running and is also a columnist for Runner’s World, created the Yasso 800′s marathon training plan, and has also run races on every continent. Pretty impressive!

Brian and I were lucky enough to meet him in 2009 at the CIM Expo. Brian was way more excited to meet him than I was. I really didn’t know who he was then. But as I continued with my running adventures, I started to hear more and learn more about him.

So a couple of weeks ago, we found out Bart was coming to our local Fleet Feet store to do a short run and a small presentation. We jumped on it and RSVP’d!

photo (2)

Brian, Bart and Me – 2013

Today we were lucky enough to meet him again. I asked if he would take a photo with Brian and I, just like he did in 2009. He was laid back and happily obliged. He also was very approachable and talked one-on-one with anyone that came up to him. After a short mingle period, he took a group photo with all of us (about 30 runners?) and then we took off on a 3 mile run. Brian and I left with the others in the front of the group while Bart was bringing up the rear of our run through Midtown, around McKinley Park, and back to the store.

It was a fairly warm 84 degrees out this evening, but it was totally worth it. We got to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s not too often that you get to run with one of the best. It was actually kind of cool. It made my Wednesday.