Pre-run dialogue

Sometimes I think how ridiculously long it takes to get ready to go on a (long) run. There’s so much to do and prepare for before walking out that door. Whatever happened to just putting on a tank and shorts and shoes and going for it?

Well, I thought it would be funny to share the dialogue that goes on (in my head) before leaving for a run –

Hmm, what should I wear?

Black shorts. Ok, that’s easy.

Now, which shoes?

Should I wear a tank that matches my shoes or do I care that much today?

Well, I have to be somewhat coordinated.

Ok, I’ll wear this tank. But what sports bra? Let me see what’s clean.

Hmm, I don’t want to wear that one. Not enough support for a long run. How about this one…one of the few that I only wear for long runs.

Ok, now socks. Do I match, go with basic white, or wear a bright color instead? Hmm, these are comfortable and my favorites. But maybe I should break in a different pair that I don’t wear too much. Nah, I’ll wear my favorites.

Ok, so I have socks, shoes, sports bra, tank, shorts…Oh! I need my toe caps.

Let’s see, now I need to make sure I charged my watch. And I need my hydration belt.

I need my headphones and armband too.

Let me get my gels and fuels and hydration ready. Which powder flavor do I want to have this time? Hmm…

Ok, I think I have everything.

Oh wait! I need body glide. And deodorant.

And my hat.

And sunscreen. Especially on my hands.

Am I forgetting anything?

I ate something substantial, right?

Ok, everything is on. I need my chapstick and my key. I think I am ready…

Ok, I’ll take one last swig of water.

Alright, I’m ready now.

Let me double check my shoes are double knotted.

Ok, I am ready.

[exit house] Ok, I have my key and I will put it in my hydration belt.

Turn on watch. Make sure playlist is all good and has good tunes.

Ok, I think I am ready.

Oh damn, my watch is full of saved runs. Delete one so I can start a new one.

Ok, I am ready.

Yup, I’m ready. Let’s do this.

(30-45 mins later…)

Is your dialogue similar?? #crazyrunners