It’s a New Year!

Ok, so I disappeared. I guess kind of MIA. Since the Dublin Marathon, I just haven’t had the desire I had to write about my running life. I’ve had these questions: “Do people really want to read about me? Do they like what they read? Do I talk about myself too much? Am I narcissistic? Do people really care?”

I try to stay fairly modest about this running adventure of mine. I’m not an overly braggy person, so it’s hard for me to boast about this stuff. It’s a hobby that I like and it’s one that I spend a lot of time and energy on. But sometimes I get bored with myself. I get bored (and annoyed) with what this all is. I guess I try not to take it too seriously. I’m just an average person who runs. That’s it, really.

But enough of all that. I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on. Since Dublin, I ran the California International Marathon in December with my friend Jenny. Then I got word that I was picked to be on Team SunRype. Then I got word that I got picked to be a Sacramento Running Association “AmbasSRAdor”. Then I decided to pay $149 for the Boston 365 (Boston Marathon) training for the next 13 weeks. Oh, and I was supposed to take the USATF Intro to Officiating courses a week ago, but had to postpone it until March 7. We also have a visitor from Japan coming in a week. Yeah…lots going on.

In between all this, we found out we have to move and now we (my other half, Clint) are in the process of buying a house together. So, while I am fitting in training for the Tokyo Marathon (oh yeah, that’s coming up in February) and my weekly group training workouts for the Boston Marathon, I am also filling out lots of paperwork for home loan approvals, looking at homes, working, planning our next Sacramento Ball Sack & Beer Fest event, and trying to breathe. Hahahaha!

As usual, it’s a whirlwind. I don’t always like this crazy life I have. Some say this is just how my life operates. Always has, always will. I can’t say I always enjoy it like this, but I always seem to get ‘er done. Sometimes I wish it was a more steady lifestyle, but then again, I like having lots of things to do and lots of things to look forward to.

So, while you are reading this, I have probably just finished another training run or have attended another workout session or completed a webinar about SunRype or just bought another set of SofSole running socks, because I love them and they are so comfortable.