What’s the plan?

Yeah, that’s what I have been asking myself this whole month. That’s what so many other people keep asking me as well! Every January, you start with a clean slate and look at the year ahead and plan adventures, mini vacations, races and more. But, I have yet to plan anything and it’s been very strange for me. Honestly, it’s been driving me bonkers. I am a planner so not having a plan is hard for me.

I have been trying to be calm about it and be okay with not having a plan for a change, but I am feeling the need to at least get some races on the calendar. I feel like, when I have a plan, then I have a goal or something to look forward to and something to work towards.

I recently was accepted into #TeamSRA which was really exciting! I was part of Sacramento Running Association’s Ambassador team (called the AmbasSRAdors) last year and applied again for this year. They decided to split it into two teams and I will be part of this newly created one. So, this helped in my motivation of continuing my passion of running! It’s exciting to be a part of a team of runners who feel the same and love being a part of the Sacramento running community.

I also applied for the New York City Marathon lottery last week. I have lost count on how many years I’ve done this, but I am sure it’s at least 5. Hopefully, I will be chosen this year! It would be a nice 40th birthday celebration to run this!

As far as other races, I have no idea yet what I will do (other than the CIM which I run every December). I have an idea for a international race, but I’ll let you know down the road if/when it comes to fruition.

So, until then, I will just keep running my short runs, keep thinking about where I want to spend my money, what races sound fun this year, and what will keep me motivated. What races are you running this year?? Anything fun and interesting or anything you want to suggest??

**Note: I wrote this in January and forgot to (didn’t want to) publish it.**

Dear Legs – A letter of inspiration

Dear Legs,

You’ve had a full year of running and races. You’ve been to great cities and have been successful and strong. You have just one thing left to accomplish before 2013 ends. Your 6th CIM, California International Marathon, and 13th marathon, is in a couple days and your mission, should you choose it, is to finish this race for 11 people. These 11 people are counting on you to finish 26.2 miles to honor them and spread the word about cancer. This is an important mission. No matter how you run this race, you will complete this race and will celebrate these 11 lives. They will be in your heart, spirit, soul and in everything you can give on Sunday. Each one of these people has a story and you, my dear legs, are going to tell their stories through those seconds, minutes and hours to the finish line. You will fight to the finish and it will be a beautiful fight. This may be the hardest race you run, but you can do it. Be strong, bundle up and good luck!

With much love,

Your friend Amyphoto-5

To inspire

When I started running in 6th grade, I ran for fun and I guess I was moderately good at it. I continued on through middle school and high school and got better and was sort of fast. I ran cross-country and made it to States but came down with bronchitis so I never got to compete in those races. I always wondered what would have happened had I raced.

Fast forward…now I run marathons. Marathons were never on my radar, but I think I can still say I am moderately good at it. Not an elite and not horrible. I am totally okay with that. It feels good to look at my results and say that I am in the top 10% of all race participants in almost all my races.

But I have come to realize, as I continue to run marathons, I want to enjoy them and I want to help other people enjoy them as well. Yes, I still have goals and want to do the best that I can. But since I have recently started helping other people with their running plans and have given people advice (which by no means am I an expert), it feels good to help others and help them achieve a goal or help them feel good about themselves.photo(19)

I never set out to gain attention with my running or my abilities or how many races I run or how well I do or don’t do or where I travel to next. I just enjoy running. I have gained friends, a community, a bond that you don’t always get from other things in your life and it just feels good. It continues to be something I strive for and keeps me grounded and focused.

I wrote down some of the things people have said to me recently. I didn’t realize how I was affecting people and what people see in me.

-”Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

-”You’re amazing.”

-”Run with power.”

-”Tough cookie.”

-”Draw strength from within!”

-You really are an altruistic runner.”

-”This is so important what you’re doing!…You continue to inspire me!”

-”26.5 miles! Amy you are crazy epic!!”

-”You may not realize what a positive source of encouragement you have been to me.”

Each one of the people that said this to me are amazing themselves and I appreciate all the kind words. It makes me incredibly happy that I can touch people and inspire them and make a difference in someone’s life. Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to inspire you. You inspire me as well.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! With the inspiration and pestering of my friend Jenny Cox (and a few others who encouraged it as well…yes, that’s you Clint!), I finally started a blog. I should have started this long ago so I could look back and read about all my race experiences. It’s amazing what details you forget if you don’t write it down right away after a race.world

Here you will find out about my running life, marathons, my travels, AND my marathon travels all over the world. You may find some other weird and random tidbits as well about my dogs or an inspiring quote or maybe even what’s on my playlist at the moment.

I hope to help people or maybe even inspire.

If there’s something you want to hear about, let me know. If there’s something you don’t want to hear about, let me know that too. Enjoy!