They’re here!

I got a special surprise in the mail today. My two tickets to see Spirit of the Marathon II arrived today! After hours of calling stores, waiting for posters to arrive, and then driving out to deliver posters, my reward is here! I am so excited to see the movie and hope there’s a good group of us that gets together (so far there’s four of us) to share in the inspiration that will come from this amazing film.

Signed by the producer herself

Signed by the producer herself

I was able to get 17 posters into local sports stores to help promote this movie. So I will also receive some other goodies coming in the mail at a later time (a t-shirt and autographed DVD).

June 12th is the showing at 7pm at many theaters nationwide. So go to to check out the theaters closest to you.

Even if you are not a runner, you will find this film very special. If you haven’t watched the first Spirit of the Marathon movie, you should watch it. Sometimes, I like to watch it before my races to get me motivated and excited for my next journey and adventure.

Happy Friday!

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