Zombies are coming!

So I am sure most of you know that I organized a zombie run last year. Maybe you don’t. Well, we’re at it again for 2013.

Last year when I started the planning of the run, I had no experience and no idea what I was getting myself into. We honestly thought if we got 300 people to participate, that would be amazing and it would be a success. Well, it turned out that 3,000(!!) people participated and a total of about 4,000-4,500 people showed up on the day of the event. This was much bigger than we ever anticipated and as the event got closer we had to order more bibs, more shirts, more medals, more brains, more of everything to make sure we were covered. We had about 2,400 runners and 600 zombies. It was wild!

Logistically, we were not prepared though. We got through it all, but I was literally a zombie during and after the event. No really, you should see a picture of me. I was pale, skinny (I lost like 3 pounds that week), and looked horrific. But, everyone seemed to love the event, hiccups and all. And we were able to give the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society about $10,000 from partial proceeds and donations from the event.


Our new logo

So, now that we have that one under our belt, we had to make a few changes. I split from my partner and dissolved the partnership and we started a new business. With this, we had to rename the run: Capitol Apocalypse 5k Zombie Run. I really love our new look, logo, website, and everything we’ve done so far. And we’ve done it all in a short timeframe.

My friends have been amazing, last year and this year. They have participated in our photoshoots and video shoots and have stepped up to help a lot.

Our event is on Halloween weekend, Saturday October 26th. The only thing about this event that sucks for me personally is that Halloween is my favorite “holiday” of the whole year and last year I didn’t get to dress up and go to a party or have fun like I normally do each year. The run falls on the Saturday that most Halloween parties happen, but we were exhausted and there was no way we were going anywhere that night. And it will be the same this year and probably for years to follow. I’m hoping with some of the changes we are implementing, it will help in alleviating some of the stress and work load and I may be able to go out for Halloween. We’ll see…

Anyway, if you are in Sacramento or live in California (we had many participants from all over California), you should check out our event. This won’t be the last time you’ll hear about it. Sorry! The next five months I will be marketing and promoting the heck out of this. It’s my job. We’d love it if you could “like” our Facebook page. It really helps spread the word virus. And we are on Instagram too – @capitolapocalypse (we love social media!).

We hope you can participate or come out to support!



Scared, aren't you?

Scared, aren’t you?

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