To inspire

When I started running in 6th grade, I ran for fun and I guess I was moderately good at it. I continued on through middle school and high school and got better and was sort of fast. I ran cross-country and made it to States but came down with bronchitis so I never got to compete in those races. I always wondered what would have happened had I raced.

Fast forward…now I run marathons. Marathons were never on my radar, but I think I can still say I am moderately good at it. Not an elite and not horrible. I am totally okay with that. It feels good to look at my results and say that I am in the top 10% of all race participants in almost all my races.

But I have come to realize, as I continue to run marathons, I want to enjoy them and I want to help other people enjoy them as well. Yes, I still have goals and want to do the best that I can. But since I have recently started helping other people with their running plans and have given people advice (which by no means am I an expert), it feels good to help others and help them achieve a goal or help them feel good about

I never set out to gain attention with my running or my abilities or how many races I run or how well I do or don’t do or where I travel to next. I just enjoy running. I have gained friends, a community, a bond that you don’t always get from other things in your life and it just feels good. It continues to be something I strive for and keeps me grounded and focused.

I wrote down some of the things people have said to me recently. I didn’t realize how I was affecting people and what people see in me.

-”Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

-”You’re amazing.”

-”Run with power.”

-”Tough cookie.”

-”Draw strength from within!”

-You really are an altruistic runner.”

-”This is so important what you’re doing!…You continue to inspire me!”

-”26.5 miles! Amy you are crazy epic!!”

-”You may not realize what a positive source of encouragement you have been to me.”

Each one of the people that said this to me are amazing themselves and I appreciate all the kind words. It makes me incredibly happy that I can touch people and inspire them and make a difference in someone’s life. Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to inspire you. You inspire me as well.