Sweet sweat

I have been chasing my marathon PR of 3:40:43 for a few years now. I have read blogs or know people who PR all the time or make running 3:15-3:30 marathons look so easy. I guess it’s not that easy for me.

After my last marathon in March, I decided to incorporate even more strength training into my daily regimen to reach this goal faster. I’m so close, but I just need to shave off a few more minutes (more like 10-12). A fellow runner and ultramarathoner started going to my gym about a year and a half ago to get personal training sessions to help build endurance and help him increase his speed. After five months of additional training, he was able to shave an hour and a half off his 50-miler race time!

My gym owner also does personal training and offered to give me a few training sessions for free. So far we’ve only done one session, but I use the list she gave me with all the exercises and do this at least once a week.

training 4Last week I moved and had a crazy week (I was pretty exhausted), but was able to get a few runs in. On Thursday I did a short 4 mile run, then did another 45 minutes of strength training. This extra circuit training makes me sweat! I did step-ups, sissy squats, split squats, v-ups, Bosu pushups, planks, and shoulder, bicep and tricep exercises.

I was sore on Friday AND on Saturday! But a good sore in my quads, chest and abs. I’m only about 3 weeks into this additional training, but I’m excited to see what results come of this. I like that I am sweating even more than I already do. I am hoping I will be faster by the time I get to Berlin in September, which is also known for it’s fast course. I am hoping I will qualify for the Boston Marathon at this race. I’ll keep you posted on my progress and all the sweat that comes of this as well. Ha! #runforboston

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