My heart is broken

I’m not even sure what to say.

I actually started writing this yesterday but wasn’t sure what I needed or wanted to say.

Hours after I posted a great tribute to the Boston Marathon, how magical and amazing it is, tragic events brought this race to an end. I sat in bed early yesterday morning listening to the excitement and the cheers, while watching the race on my laptop. I wore one of my Boston shirts, an urban-style subway route shirt, all day in support. I wanted to show my spirit and love for the city and the race all day.

I ended up wearing that same shirt the rest of the day to commemorate what happened and show my support in a different way. I wore the same shirt to bed. I don’t even know how to describe what I felt. I was incredibly shaken and in shock when I found out. I cried. I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing on TV. Many people texted me, emailed me, and found ways to communicate their concerns. Most of these people were concerned that I was there, knowing I had been before and could possibly be there this year. People I hadn’t talked to in years contacted me.

All the joy and inspiration I had felt earlier in the day, went away. It was like someone blew out a candle. It was just gone. This didn’t seem real. It still doesn’t.

It really hit home when I looked through my Boston Marathon pictures from 2011 and came across the one of me running towards the finish line. It was taken by my friends on the same side of the street where the first bombing was. My friends were standing in the same exact area where the bombs went off. It gives me chills.

This is tragic. This is truly horrible. My heart is broken…

But my broken heart still loves the city of Boston tremendously and we will all get through this. The running community will get through this together.

10 thoughts on “My heart is broken

  1. I share in your beautifully expressed heartache, Amy. So grateful none of my running friends were affected by the tragedy, and gut-wrenched for those who were.

    “It was like someone blew out a candle.” Catastrophe so often feels just like that.

  2. I read your post yesterday morning and then with the news in the afternoon, I was at once glad you had your great experience already, and so saddened for others having such a different experience this year. I so hope the run will continue on as much as possible in the same vein as in prior years.

    • I do also hope the run continues on but I think this will always overshadow the magic and prestige it once had. I hope the race organization (BAA) and the people recover soon. It makes me want to work even harder to qualify again so I can go there once again and be apart of the greatness of it all. Thanks Carol!

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